August 18, 2022

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Slot Slang: Must-Know Terms and Definitions

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Slot Slang: Must-Know Terms and Definitions

Slot Slang: Must-Know Terms and Definitions

Are you a noob to the world of casino websites and online slots? Have you been trying to understand the various jargon used in the game and feel lost and confused? Don’t worry. We are going to tell you exactly what all those slangs mean in the wonderful game of slots.

Let’s begin:
1. The term ‘Action’ in an online slot means the machine time that the player has accumulated playing on the slot machine. The casino will keep track of all the player’s actions, which gets stored on the club’s card.
2. Annuity Winner is when the winner is being offered his jackpot prize over time, usually spanning a few years. This gets done to evade all the taxes that will accrue on the big prize money if collected in one go.
3. A ‘basic Slot’ is a slot machine that comes with one pay line only. The jackpot amount will stay singularly the same for as long as the slot machine stays.
4. The ‘Bet Max’ button on the machine allows the player to play the maximum number of credits/bets that get allowed per sign on the slots.
5. On the contrary, ‘Bet One’ is the single unit or the number of credit-bets that a player bets on the slot.
6. Big Bertha is our favorite slang. It is the busiest slot machine in the establishment. It is big and noisy and colorful and is specially employed so that it catches people’s attention. They come with multiple reels and have a progressive payout jackpot on them. They are big in every way.
7. When you say you hit the ‘Big Hit,’ you hit the jackpot combination—and won!
8. Bonuses are basically freebies. They mostly include wildcards or a free spin
9. The Bonus Multiplier Slot Machine is those machines in a casino that offer huge winnings. The machines do the job of enticing the players to ‘bet max’ on them in the hope of winning big.
10. A carousel is a place where slot machines are neatly lined up in a casino.
11. Aah, the sweet sound of this word! Cashback with reference to slots means the player’s rewards or points on his slot club card.
12. Certified Slot machines are those that have a guaranteed high payout of 98 percent or more.
13. Coin In is the number of units played, and coin out is the number of units won on a slot machine.
14. If you hear that a slot is cold, avoid them like the plague. A cold slot is a slot machine that does not pay out often.
15. The collect button on the machine allows the player to convert his play credits into cash
16. Comps are rewards. Slot players who have a membership at the slot clubs are usually rewarded well with free meals, gifts, etc.
17. Doubles and triples refer to those symbols on slots that will double or triple your winning amount if they show up on the reel.

Knowing your slot slang is like an easy passage to get into this wonderful world of slot machines. If you are in love with slots and their sounds and festivities, do read up more on site like, and if you find a slang that you don’t understand, leave us a comment below and tell you what it means.