August 18, 2022

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Tired of Handicap Football Gambling, Here are the Alternative Market Alternatives

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Tired of Handicap Football Gambling, Here are the Alternative Market Alternatives

The rapid development of the soccer gambling game cannot be stopped anymore. The simplicity of the gameplay makes it so liked by many people. Just imagine just placing a bet on one of the betting options. You can wait for the betting results while enjoying the related soccer match.

Do you agree with that? If you agree, surely you like to play a market called handicap, right? A very popular market in Asia, especially ASEAN. Making it so fast that in fact a country with a culture that likes simple betting games.

But continuing to play it will still provide a saturation point. No matter how good the game is, if it continues to be played, it will indeed provide the same thing. Therefore in order to be of assistance to you. We provide an overview of some market alternatives that are commensurate with the following handicaps.

Parlay Betting Market (Mix Parlay)

The first alternative is a parlay or mix parlay. Carrying a big paid theme with a high level of difficulty is certainly worth the handicap. Why is it worth it? Obviously, if you are successful in mastering it, you will pay a large fee of hundreds to millions.

So what are the rules of the game? For the rules of the game of the parlay is to guess the result of the match. Uniquely, the match that was guessed was not just one. For most agents, the minimum match required to play a parlay is 3. Of all these matches the odds of each other will be multiplied.

No wonder parlay can give almost dozens of odds per one match. However, as stated above. To be able to win is somewhat difficult. You must successfully penetrate all bet options in order to get maximum results. But keep calm there are special calculations on imperfect wins. And keep in mind that this bet is included in real online gambling.

Over Under Football Gambling Market

Apart from mix parlay, there are other alternatives that are almost similar to handicaps. Through this market, one will be able to pay the same fee. But the purpose of playing is very different. Here it is not the result of the match that every player has to guess.

There is indeed a relationship with the result of the match. But more clearly, it is not the results of the matches that you have to examine but the number of goals. The number of goals from the match is the goal of the over-under. More precisely, you have to guess the number of goals that are greater or less than the benchmark.

Over itself has a greater meaning than the standard. On the other hand, under means less than the benchmark. So on placing bets if you want to guess the number of goals is greater. You must place a bet on the over option. Vice versa if you want to guess the number of goals is smaller.

1×2 Football Gambling Market

Finally, there is one other alternative with a smaller chance of winning that has been provided by a trusted agen judi online. But for payment, it can be up to 3 times the handicap. With a game scoring system. You will be able to get odds up to 8 times. But it all depends on the difficulty level of the match.

More specifically 1×2 requires you to guess on the home team, away team or draw. 1×2 is a symbol that represents the betting selection. For symbol number 1 for the host, 2 for the away team, and x for the draw.

Just choose one of the alternatives above when you are tired of playing handicap or Foor. All of these markets will provide equivalent quality even though the difficulty level and odds are not the same. So there is no need to hesitate to play online judi bola because boredom will not be possible.